Quick Coffee

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10 Active Investments

"Patrick and Felix are great product & design angels. They have been involved in building Aware hands-on from the start, and we are grateful to have them on board. Would recommend them to every founding team crafting an exceptional product."

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Florian Meisner
Co-Founder and CEO Aware Health

We partner with founders who believe in the power of great product and design

We are not the biggest check on your cap table, but we believe in the power of supporting the founders we back hands-on. We don‘t just give feedback on an email or pitch deck, but actually support the founders we work with in solving concrete product and design challenges.

We believe that any company aiming to compete globally needs to have an outstanding product. At Quick Coffee, we choose to work with founders who are obsessed about building a truly great product, who value design and user experience and who know that true product quality is something you can feel much better than you can put numbers to it.

Pat, Felix and Dennis (Amie)

We have been fortunate to participate in rounds led by outstanding investors globally